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  • RHS and Habitat for Humanity collaboration braves winter weather to complete project

    On a 20 degree morning at 8 a.m. you won’t see many people out doing woodworking or fixing the front steps. The same can’t be said for Rhinelander High School teacher Russell Germain’s Building Trades students...

  • Holidays are not always joyful
    The dining room was warm and welcoming. Tables, adorned with flowers and lit with tea lights, twinkling as the guests drifted in, took a seat. Young people, middle aged couples, some a bit beyond the middle, from all walks of life, mingling, greeting one another in hushed voices. Strangers to many, everyone in the room shares one common bond...
  • Attorney finds law a perfect fit

    Pat Finlan loves his job. Although becoming an attorney was not his initial career choice, it’s clear that law is where he belongs...

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Christmas Railroad
Jared Raney, Reporter
  • Laurie K. Smith, 54, of Rhinelander died Dec. 14, 2014. She was born in Milwaukee April 29, 1960 to Anton Sr., and Lilly Strauss... 
  • Richard E. “Dick” Bruso, 86, of Rhinelander, died at home Dec. 14, 2014. He was born Jan. 4, 1928 to Edmond Raymond and Francis ... 
  • Keith A. Bushong age 84, of Rhinelander, died Dec. 10, 2014. He was born Feb. 1, 1930 In Mellen to Garret... 
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