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  • A walk on the dock: I like big plants and I cannot lie!
    My oldest sister and I have many things in common: We’re type A personalities, we don’t let numbers and bookkeeping scare us and we love large plants!...
  • The Seed Library
    “The idea behind it is to save seeds that have been acclimated to our climate,” said Mary Ann Lambrecht, a master gardener and one of the minds behind the project. “There’s libraries like this all over the state of Wisconsin, all over the United States, in fact..."
  • The Rainforest comes to Rhinelander
    A few new creatures joined the Hodag in town last week for a special show...
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  • U.S. Forest Service puts invasive plant species list online

    The Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest has a new approach to inform the public about non-native invasive species treatments. In effort to save money on the cost of mailing catalogs, all the latest information about invasive plants will be described...

  • I’m saying this because I want to keep the community up to date and as of today, Downtown Rhinelander Inc. hasn’t a finalized future; we are simply taking the next step. The petition to dismantle the Business Improvement District (BID) was successful and the termination of the BID has a date of April 30, 2015. As of this date the BID will no.... 
  • Northwoods Sustainability Fair
    Growing in popularity annually, the Northwoods Sustainability Fair, in its fifth year shows no sign of slowing down. “We get more and more exhibitors every year,” said Sustainability Northwoods member Ann Eshelmann. “This.... 
Rainforest comes to Rhinelander
Some clips from "The Rainforest Live!," which came to Rhinelander last week and was featured in our Special Environmental Issue of the Star Journal.
  • Richard C. Bandow, age 91, died April 25, at his home in Rhinelander. He was born in Eagle River December 31, 1923 to Edward and Veryl Bandow. He served in 
  • Ann Lelo, age 77, of Rhinelander, died April 25, 2015, at the Seasons of Life Hospice in Woodruff. She was born November 15, 1937 in Cromona, Kentucky to Mac and Trula (Johnson) Dotson.... 
  • Teddy Eugene Crump, age 79, died April 24, 2015. He was born October 1, 1935 in Bridgeport, Illinois to George Calvin and Ruby Mae (Burchett) Crump. Teddy.... 
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